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In the event of any default taking place in the election or appointment of representatives of insured persons, the Commissioners may anytime thereafter order that the default be made good by election or appointment in such manner because they may direct. In giving directions for making good any default, the Commissioners will observe as nearly as seems expedient the lines of procedure laid down for ordinary appointments. If the default isn’t made good by a date in the month of June specified in the regulations, the appointment of representatives to supply the default is to be forthwith created by the Commissioners such manner because they may think proper.

Representatives of insured persons on Insurance Committees hold office for three years. Retiring members meet the criteria for re-appointment or re-election. – A member appointed to fill a casual vacancy holds office limited to the unexpired part of the three years’ period.

The choice of representatives of insured persons isn’t limited to persons possessing any particular qualification, and persons are accordingly eligible who are not themselves insured beneath the Act or who are not members of the Society appointing them. Where, however, a representative of insured persons who, at the date of becoming such, was an associate or the official of the ” A ” Society appointing him or of 1 of the ” B ” Societies taking part in his election, ceases to be always a member or official, because the case may be, of such Society, his tenure of office as a member of the Committee is, if the Society so decides, terminable ten days thereafter, or at such later time as may be fixed by the Society. The Secretary of the Society is to intimate any decision to the effect to the Clerk by registered post.

The Clerk must thereupon send notice of the Society’s intimation to the member in question, and must notify the Commissioners a vacancy will arise ten days after the date of his receipt of the Society’s intimation, or at any later 10 date that the Society could have specified. Forms for giving the intimation and notices are prescribed. The member in question may appeal to the Commissioners against the termination of his tenure of office, and the decision of the Commissioners on his appeal is final.

If the member was elected to represent several ” B ” Societies and has transferred in one Society to some other in the group, the Commissioners must take this fact under consideration in dealing with the appeal. Pending your choice of the appeal, the member is to continue steadily to hold office if the Commissioners so determine

Six consecutive months’ absence from meetings without leave of the Committee involves unconditional disqualification of a representative of insured persons unless the reason for absence is the member’s employment in the naval or military forces during the present war. The half a year are counted from the date of the first meeting that your representative failed to attend, and at the end of the time he ceases to be always a person in the Committee.

” Meeting ” would be to include Kaiser Foundation Calculator meetings of any Sub-Committee of the Insurance Committee in addition to meetings of this Committee or any of its Sub-Committees in conference with persons not members of the Committee.